A truly unique award, taking a fresh approach to wine judging.

An esteemed jury of Master Sommeliers, Masters of Wine, and premier critics have assembled to elect the most deserving of wines, without restrictions on origin or the need for entry fees. With a focus on fairness and inclusivity, we consider all wines, all winemakers, and all regions; more than anyone before us.

The result? Fair and simple - an award that truly represents the opinions of wine professionals and experts around the world.


1. Defining The Award Categories

The technical committee reaches a consensus on the award categories for the year, based on current wine trends and the performance of each vintage.

2. Establishing The Award Jury

The technical committee nominates an exclusive list of wine professionals, experts, and critics. From this list, only those with a minimum of three endorsements from the committee are selected for the jury of the Wine Pinnacle Awards.

3. Voting Phase

Jury members receive access to our secure portal to submit up to 9 votes for wines and makers in each category, according to their preference. Each wine and winemaker then receives a total number of points, after an audit of each vote.

In the event of a tiebreaker, the technical committee gathers to deliberate the result.

4. Announcement Of Top 3 Nominees

The top 3 nominees in each award category are announced via a press release. The winners with the greatest number of points will only be revealed at the award ceremony.

5. Award Ceremony

Winners will receive their trophies at a black-tie award ceremony in Singapore, which will be attended by international wine luminaries.

Previous guests included dignitaries like the ambassadors to Singapore from Australia, Chile, Spain, Italy and France, and wine personalities such as Joel Butler MW, Bob Paulinski MW, Dirceu Vianna Junior MW, Totte Steneby MS, Helen Masters, Saša Radikon, Mateja Gravner, Luke Lambert, and more.


The Awards are made up of categories that have been rigorously designed to highlight the best wines without restrictions based on the country of origin, and without the need for award fees or submission of samples.

Delightful young wines rub shoulders with the finest mature vintages, unveiling a world of new sensations for enthusiasts and social drinkers alike. Wines that would otherwise fly under the radar of many consumers, such as organic wines or that made by small wine producers (in some cases, both), are brought to light its varied and nuanced landscape. Most notably, the awards are the first in the world to recognise mature wines that are ready to drink, without requiring wineries to submit new samples for consideration.


The selections for this category have been carefully curated based on vintages reaching their peak maturity now - to ensure that you are getting the most enjoyment from your wine.

Best 2002, 2004, 2008 Vintage Champagne
Best 1999, 2002 Vintage Burgundy Red
Best 1996, 1998, 2000 Vintage Bordeaux Red
Best 2001, 2004 Vintage Piedmont Red
Best 2004, 2006 Vintage Tuscan Red


This category offers guidance on wines that are one to eight years old, easy to find in bottle shops or restaurants, and flexible enough to either enjoy right away or age in your own cellar.

Burgundy White
Chardonnay (ex-Burgundy)
Cabernet Sauvignon
Pinot Noir (ex-Burgundy)
Rhone Red
Spanish Red


This category features delectable comfort selections that represent superior quality, great value and heart-warming character – perfect for savouring casually with close friends and family, every day.

Comfort White < €40
Comfort Red < €40
Comfort Rosé < €40


This category recognises wineries who have contributed significantly towards protecting the environment and its ecosystem – supporting social responsibility and maintaining economic feasibility all whilst producing high quality wines.

Best Friend Of The Earth (Winery)


This award is presented unanimously by the five members of the Wine Pinnacle Awards Technical Committee to celebrate wines and wine estates that represent a spirit of excellence and dedication to quality.

Pandemic Hero (Personality)